"So, we will leave Tom Waits to tell us about the saloons, whores and carnival folk. Let John Prine nail toy railroad tracks to his kitchen table at Christmas, sing about his Mexican home while Randy Newman swabs us with political satire, short people, and money that he loves. Now we have KY Burt to bring us to places where we might want to live – where there are wildflowers, rain, and we can take new journeys. Yes, there is a viable musical place for Ky Burt."

John Apice - NO DEPRESSION (Full Review Here)

"Pure unschooled spirit whose music exudes a lilting, laid-back sensibility. Naturally idyllic, wistful, and rustic."

Music Connection Magazine

"Ky Burt is a craftsman of song. A dedicated musician and multi-instrumentalist with a uniquely distinct yet rooted sound that echoes the many landscapes he has traveled."

Ali Lightfoot, Director of Programming (Program Director), KVNF Public Radio 90.9 FM, Western Slope, Colorado

"That was beautiful. I couldn’t help but hear a little bit of Nick Drake's Northern Sky sailing through Ky's songs."

Adam Huizenga, DJ and Radio Host, KRVM 91.9, Eugene, Oregon


2014 Break-Out Artist of the Year - AZ Daily Sun


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Ky Burt Interview and Live Songs on KVNF Public Radio (Western Slope of Colorado)……..April 2015


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